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Why Is Native Ad the Most Suitable Ad for Your Mobile Site?

It is important to have a mobile presence nowadays. A lot of people consume information from their mobile. This is the chance, investing in a mobile website, or create your website to be mobile responsive. You will get your major traffic from mobile, so in the other hand, you should optimize your mobile version. When people feel comfort with your mobile site, they will be your subscriber or even share your content to their social media.

Publishers need to monetize their media

When you have a good traffic on your website, it is a good chance to monetize your media. The easiest way to monetize is by ad placement. This ad actually gives you significant revenue to develop your media. But publishers need to choose which is the suitable ad for their media.

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Why Native?

People start using Native Advertising on their mobile platform. Unlike pop-up banner, Native Advertising is a seamless ad. There are some reasons why Native advertising is the most suitable ad for your mobile site.

  1. Traffic Performance

Using native advertising means you can keep your traffic performance. Native Ad doesn’t change your traffic because it is so seamless. It is quite different with the banner ad because it is intrusive. The audience may hate the intrusive ad, so if you put too many intrusive ads, you may lose your audience.

  1. Site Performance

A neat layout is important for a site. Native ad helps you to keep your neat site layout although you give space to the ad. Because the native ad is in-feed, your site will be just the same like before. When you use banner/pop-up ad, it will slow your site loading time, while native ad won’t do that.


  1. Higher CTR, Higher eCPM

Compared to a banner ad, Native Ad actually has higher Clickthrough Rate (CTR) because it triggers people to click and read the content. While banner ad makes the user avoid to click the ad. Higher CTR gives you higher eCPM, means you have a higher income than what you get from an intrusive ad.

  1. Penalty from Google

Any mobile web page that uses interstitials or pop-up ads will see their Google ranking tumble. Google actually will penalize mobile websites with intrusive pop-up ads, so when you use Native Ad, it will not be counted as an intrusive ad.

  1. Advertising Trend

A lot of advertisers start to leave banner ad. Some of the predictions in 2017, they mention how native ad will rise. The clients prefer native ad because it has better clicks than any other display ad. It is also good for their brand engagement, so their message is well-delivered.

If you have a website with a good traffic, you should apply for native advertising. If you don’t know how to apply, just contact FreakOut dewina Indonesia and we will assist you how to monetize your mobile site. We also encourage you to be the first reader of this journal by subscribing the form below.