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Using Both Traditional and Digital: Marketing Optimization

Nowadays, there are a lot of marketing channels you can use to sell you product. People are getting difficult to choose which field should be invested in. You want your budget as effective as you expect. Two basic marketing channels are traditional and digital marketing. Often marketers who rely exclusively on offline channels are hesitant to invest in online and digital marketing, which isn’t as uncommon as you might think.

Digital and traditional marketing don’t have to be at odds one another. While you have investments in offline marketing, SEO, Social Media and Mobile Marketing can help you expand your reach and attract new leads.

Both digital and traditional marketing tactics can be used as the perfect pair to engage your audience more. It is like you maximize gains while minimizing losses. If you can connect the two of those marketing channels, your efficiency is going to be higher.

In marketing, you should see some elements before deciding which channel you should use. What you should consider are the message, the audience, and the goal. You have to see the message first. This message is the important point because you should know “what you are going to say”. Secondly, you have to know who your audience are. Are they millennials? Are they kids? Are they female? They have their own preference channel. The thing you should also consider is the goal of your campaign. Is it personal experience, or just brand awareness or something else?


 The thing is you can’t combine both of the channels at any time. So how can you combine those channels? So these are what you should do to approach your audience better.

1. Direct with offline channel, engage with online channel

People say Get the word out with traditional offline methods and use digital methods to make the experience more personal. Radio, newspaper, television ads are great to get the attention in a large number of audience, a mass message. But these traditional channels can direct your large audience to your website or social media channel where you can engage them personally better and deeper

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2. Channel utilization that suits to your audience

Some campaigns actually have multiple target markets, so it is important to differentiate the marketing strategy. Choosing offline or online strategy will be considered based on where your audience frequents most. Understanding the audience is the key of all.

3. Offline channel for in every circumstance, online channel for the moment they need

As we know offline marketing helps you to gain visibility in a broad market at any time. While digital marketing like mobile marketing even SEO can help you choose the right moment of need.

So which one is better? We should see the goal first. the truth is that they are both trying to accomplish the same thing: increase visibility in the local marketplace and bring more traffic to your business. When used together, online and offline marketing tactics can help you accomplish your goals faster and more effectively.

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