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Tips How To Win Attention War in Native Advertising

How Natural Native Advertising is

Considering Native Advertising is a comfort advertising model for user. It is a form of media where the ad experience follows the natural form of the user experience. Native Advertising is positioned as one of the methods with more growth for qualified site traffic.

The tricky part about this form of advertising is that, well, the ads blend in. Because of this reason, brands must compete for the attention of the consumer, who actually has an attention span less than 25 seconds. In this 25 seconds, ads should fight to win consumer’s attention without being annoying for them.


Copywriting is one of the power of Native Advertising

It is quite important to develop a comprehensive Content Advertising Strategy, working with headline is crucial thing to the success of the campaign. We know in the headline of Native Advertising is usually the first online interaction between users and the brand.

An effective native ad headline should represent and tell a story of what the user will find on the other side of the click. The copywriter should create a connection or a meaningful association for the user to want to click. Supported by interesting visual, this headline will be so powerful and should win this 25 seconds of attention war.

Make an awesome headline

Well, after we know that headline is the missile of the Native Ads, we should know further how to make this missile works well. There are 8 tips for you:

  1. Short yet Powerful

Limited for only a few characters, an headline should be as concise as it is. You should be creative to create a powerful sentence to grab the attention only by a few characters.

  1. Emotional Storytelling

One of the best approach writing your headline is how it can connect with your audience, rather than just trying to sell to them. You can do it through emotional level of the consumers, take it deep, funny or personal level.


  1. Value To Consumers

Provide value to consumers if they purchase your products. We invite our consumers to imagine what benefit they will achieve. We expect more than click, but a potential trusted customer as well.

  1. Transparent and be relevant

Tell your audience about what they are going to find on the destination page, for example by giving hint. Don’t ever make user feel duped and quickly lose interest and trust. Your headline also should be relevant to consumers. it should be quality content that consumers will care about, based on the context of where the ad appears.

  1. Use Numbers

Psychologically, numbers promise a certain degree of structure and predictability, for example “Seven Tips To Be Success in 2 Years”. Our consumers love something measurable, because it looks like real.

  1. Consider the Call-To-Action

Softly drive your audience to do certain action. Remember! Consider the end of goal before you make a headline.

Contact us concept using female hand touching a button. Futuristic contact us concept on light blue

  1. Adjective – Word of Choice

Interesting adjectives such as incredibly or super awesome, will be interesting for the audience. It could draw attention to your headline quickly and easily. (DC)

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