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The Prediction of Native Advertising

Digital advertising is predicted will take over a significant chunk of a very large pie. Everyone goes digital right now and this is how marketers can approach the audience. Native Advertising is one of the ways. As a format, Native already proved itself highly successful long ago. Native ads are designed to fit the content with the format of placement.

Business Insider mentioned that native ads will drive around 74% of all ad revenue by 2021. Similar to BI Predictions, The Huffington Post also references the same thing, which is advertising revenue generated by native ads will reach 33% by 2018. It means the opportunity for Native Ad is bigger for couple years ahead. Even for FreakOut dewina Indonesia, as The First Mobile Native Ad Platform in Indonesia, see 2017 is a brighter year for Native Advertising.

Nativo-and-Moat-Team-Up-to-Bring-Certified-Viewability-to-Brands-Native-Advertising source: mobileadvertisingwatch

Diversification and customization are predicted to be the next feature of native advertising. Don’t be surprised, the native ad will appear in any form of future media. We even don’t know what the form is, but native as a format will adapt with the layout of the media as well.

So far, the prediction of some experts says that Native Ad will get bigger and bigger in the couple years. We show you some factors that support this reason.

1. Content Marketing Rises as Well

Content marketing is now a trend. Brand marketers realize that content marketing is urgent to be used. They spread their issue over the blog, key opinion leader, advertorial, release or any other paid content. This content marketing needs a perfect channel to help to distribute their content. Native Ad is one of the effective channels.

2. Relevant Ad

When we talk about the type of ad nowadays, we talk about relevancy. Our users want to click the ad only if it has relevance to them. A Less intrusive ad like Native Advertising will make people click the ad only if they are interested in the headline. So people that consume the ad are the right target audience.

3. Ad Blocker Era

A lot of people use ad blocker when they browse something. The idea of Ad blocker actually comes because the users are disturbed by banner or pop-up ad. Native Advertising comes as the solution. People prefer to see Native Ad than Pop-Up Ad.

4. Better Conversion Rate

Native Advertising has a better conversion rate than a banner ad. People ignore the banner/pop-up ad, so the message can’t be well-delivered to the audience. They don’t even click, they close the ad. This condition is quite different if we apply in Native Ad. People do click because they are interested in the ad.

Nativo-and-Moat-Team-Up-to-Bring-Certified-Viewability-to-Brands-Native-Advertising source:

In the couple years ahead, mobile will be all about native ads, timing, and data. We will need to see more investment in two specific areas – the timing and relevance of mobile native ads. Just making an ad look like the surrounding content is not enough for it to be considered native given today’s technical possibilities. Native Ad will always adapt the media, now or in the future.