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The fact of mobile marketing & advertising that you should know

Do you know that Indonesia mobile connection is a lot more than the amount of total population? Do you know the important of mobile phone for your marketing activities?

In this article, Dewina will review about mobile marketing and also it’s fact that can be useful for your activities.

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.48.29 PM said Mobile Marketing involves reaching customers and prospects when they’re using the internet away from the traditional home/office desktop environment. The increased usage of smartphones, tablets and similar mobile devices has made mobile marketing a must for many online businesses.

Mobile marketing can also be defined as “the use of the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication”, the “distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customer through wireless networks”. More specific definition is the following: “using interactive wireless media to provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services and ideas, thereby generating value for all.

Why mobile marketing is important for Indonesian? Here are some of the latest facts about mobile users in Indonesia.


Social marketing agency We Are Social released a set of report, collating data from numerous sources on the latest digital numbers around the world.

Here’s what the country looks like in numbers:

  • 50% web page view came from Mobile
  • 72 million active social media accounts, 62 million of which are mobile users
  • 255.5 million population , 308.2 million mobile connections.


When we talk about marketing is not complete if we don’t shout little bit about advertising. Because advertising is one of the marketing tools. Then, what is the future of mobile advertising?


The Future Of Mobile Advertising.

Last, but not least, there is still advertising to be done on mobile devices — and lots of it. In fact, according to eMarketermobile ad spend will top $100 billion worldwide by 2016.


The biggest issue is that mobile devices are considered so personal, the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing we put down before sleep, that most attempts to “sell” feel that much more intrusive to customers.


Combine that with the ever-shrinking platform on the screen, and it becomes very difficult to be successful in delivering a message.


There is another whole column to be written on this topic, but a few quick tips to consider are:  1) tap into paid social as suggested earlier, and 2) definitely leverage native advertising and in-app advertising as ways to reach target customers. More importantly, think about taking more of an educational approach versus one that is more sales.


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