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Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016: From Idea To Platform

The growth of internet users in Indonesia is the biggest factor why there are a lot of digital products. They see the problem in the society, craft the problem into the idea and execute it by making a digital platform. A lot of people make their digital products in the form of application, platform or media.  Even they build the startup to grow their business more and more. They try to win the attention by displaying their unique selling point of the app.

Tech In Asia 2016 becomes the facilitator of this phenomenon. This event was held 2 days, November 16th and 17th, in Singapore, Tokyo, Bangalore, and Jakarta. 2016 is the fifth year of Tech In Asia Jakarta, which was located in Balai Kartini.


Tech In Asia Conference 2016 connected startups and investors, also displayed the latest update of the digital start-up world. In Jakarta, there were 241 startups (203 startups came from Indonesia and the rest came from Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand). The startups came from various sectors, such as e-commerce, healthcare, enterprise, SAAS, finance, transportation, games, media, etc.



If we saw the audience, they were consisted of digital passionate person, investor, student, entrepreneur, agency, brand etc. They were interested in the concept of Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016. A lot of interaction there, they asked about the product/platform to the participant in the booth. They wanted to know about the flow of the app, the uniqueness, how the app solved the problem, and about the user insight. FreakOut dewina Indonesia, as investor for example, tried to look for a future collaboration partner in this event. FreakOut wanted to create a better digital ecosystem by doing the collaboration.


In Tech In Asia, there were 3 stages, consisted of Main Stage, Developer Stage, and Marketing Stage. Each stage had their own speakers from various sectors. The themes were great! They were about Future of IoT, Marketing, and Growth, Indonesia’s Evolving E-Commerce, State of App Economy: Market Developments and Forecast, How To Make an Al Interface That Delights Consumers, Video Content Marketing and etc. We could learn a lot of inspiring ideas and insights here.



You also could find a lot of inspiring ideas when you visited the startups. Some of them were marketplays, ibunda, talenta, seem, eragano, carpal, bahaso, promote, idaff,, room me,, ubiklan, etc. They presented crafted idea into a good platform, to become problem solver of netizen.



In Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016, we found Speed-Dating session, which was a good opportunity for startup/entrepreneur to do business pitch in front of the investor. There was also Roundtables, a small group discussion to be close to senior industry speakers. Another fun session was Pitch Battle, which invited 7 startup finalists to pitch in front of the judges and audience. After the event, there was After-Party Networking, to give an opportunity for us to grab better networks.

By this good economic growth based on digital, Tech In Asia tried to make a good technology ecosystem. As the biggest technology conference, Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016 could support our Government Target, to create Indonesia as the main digital economy power in Asia. (DC)