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Last Thursday, Dewina made an appointment to visit Telunjuk office and did an interview to one of the founder who was also a panelist in DailySocial event one week before.

Dewina has high curiosity with this startup. They are one of Shopping Recommendation Engine and Price Comparison. Shortly, if you are looking a stuff, you don’t need to visit all of the e-commerce website. You just need to visit and find the product which has collaborate with telunjuk. It will provide and give you the information about the comparison of all the online shop price with the same product.


Hanindia Narendrata built telunjuk inspired by their partner’s project, who is being a co-founder and also Telunjuk CTO now. They did only for “not-really-serious-project” because they was still employees and didn’t have enough time to build a full project. Rendra is a persistent, he joined a workshop and some startup competition. He built relationship with some familiar figures and they helped him to built the startup.

Rendra and his partner started Telunjuk more seriously, besides they got the funding, then they resigned and had full time for Telunjuk. This startup for 4 years, just like a 4-years-old child that has enthusiasm to explore everything around him. Rendra said Telunjuk open for the new ideas because it has became the company cultures, Improvement generously. Can you imagine in their next year, they can monetize Telunjuk.

What really interesting from Telunjuk is the amount of their traffic came from the mobile phone for almost 80%, very exciting. After Dewina tried to acess their mobile site, surely they have the most visitors. Well-designed, very clean, and looks great. How come? Imagine for an everything metasearch website, change it to the mobile site appearance is really not easy. Bravo for UX and development team.

Hearing about Rendra’s story about, being an entrepreneur is not easy, but also not an impossible thing. With some organization and working experiences in telco company, he feels that many things can help him to build telunjuk.

Started from giving free service to all e-commerce collaboration and now become full paid with CPC model. is like a publisher or media reference for user to take decision by user’s time effectiveness around online activities.

Dewina asked what is the different between your metasearch and the others? Rendra said, of course every metasearch has their own strength. For, Rendra is really focus to the content. Because he believes that his people are the one who need reference, so he always doing improvement to his content in order that become a perfect reference for user. About the other of adding value, he said that early of 2016 they will launch a new feature. Very curious.

This startup leader who just got series A from Group Lippo said about metric several times. It looks like he is the measurable person for his own decision. No wonder that his startup become sustainable for now.


But he also said if his metric really works out, all of the KPI also can works well, they plan to get the series B . He also said that if their metric can works without Series B, just go with it, but he always open opportunity if there are some investors doing more approaching.

Dewina thought that there are many players in metasearch field. There are skyscanner and wego for travel space, and there are PriceArea, Priceza, or iPrice for the same business model with telunjuk.

Maybe the advice for telunjuk is how to convince user that there is a website with relate content to product that you’re looking for and has a good information. Of course it become not an easy homework, also not a difficult one. Really curious with their move after got the series A, where will their funding will go? Is that mobile advertising? Because most of telunjuk visitor came from the mobile? Or maybe telunjuk will appear in TV commercial? :)) . Let see, good luck for Telunjuk!