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Riding The Moment, Part of Marketing Strategy

There are a lot of digital activations in certain moments, such like New Year, Christmas or even Independence Day. Some brands give a discount or other special promo to attract their audience. Even some of them prepare special landing page to maximize their branding and selling during those moments

Why is moment important?

A moment is important because a lot of people celebrate it. Independence Day, for example, people celebrate it by attending flag ceremony, express it in their social media, and the even government gives a holiday to people. While New Year moment, people spend the night with fireworks and barbeque. A moment is something to be celebrated, this is the chance for marketers to tap in their product by giving a special promo.

Engage more, better result

When people celebrate the moment, a brand should give the relevant activation to attract the audience. In the Valentine moment, people will look for any romantic package from gift, dinner or even hotel. What can brands give to the target-audience? Brands can give special products, dinner package or top hotel discount. This kind of activation will drive better engagement because you will give what they need in the promo package. You activation also can increase the brand awareness because people also will talk about your brand and promo to their friends.

How should we ride the moment?

There are three steps you can do better marketing by riding the moment. Here you what you should do:

1. Collect the data and insight

First of all, you should see the audience insight and need. Make sure you collect the right data from your target audience about their habit during the moment. This habit, need and insight data will be used to set your campaign.

2. Create the activation

After you know the insight of your audience during the moment, set your campaign. Set your budget, your activity, how to engage with your audience, and set your KPI. Make sure your visual and copywriting can engage them with the promo. You can also make your audience do extra effort to get the promo, for example, like your facebook fan page, or share tweet.

3. Distribute to the right channels

After everything has been prepared, you can distribute it to right channels. For example using native advertising, by choosing the right publishers, right time, and perfect ad spot to maximize your promo engagement.

Talking about riding the moment, in the next Kartini Day, an event will be created by FreakOut dewina Indonesia. In the HangOut with FreakOut this time, we will do a collaboration with DBS Bank. The theme we are going to present is about “Feminism in Digital Marketing Ecosystem”. There are a lot of women, who have the important position in the big company. We will present you some of the inspiring women to share their story about their experience in digital marketing. We invite all women who are interested in this theme, just click here and fill the registration form. Make sure you save the date, on Friday, April 28th 2017. We will give you update soon about this cool event!

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