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Really, Chat Eating the World?

What is your daily chat application? A question that has many answers, because during this time provider text feature is going abandoned. People feel more comfortable with free chat application. Even actually they pay it with the mobile data. And also in IT industry, email is getting displaced because there are some application like Slack, Trello and etc.

Nowadays, chatting is not a support application for text communication anymore, it becomes a fast evolution. Do you know about snapchat? Their daily active users reach almost 100 millions now. Can you imagine? If your age around 30’s, maybe you will be amazed. Yes, because 70% of their users are under 25 years old. You will be more surprised if you read more details about the newest snapchat in this link

Dewina is an active user in Whatsapp, a simple chat application. Because it is an optimal application and not really excessive. But almost everyone doesn’t use only one chat apps, they also use others! The question is why do people download the almost same feature? This is going to be a long controversion. Now let Dewina present about the fact of chat app based on numbers of user:Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.02.19 PMFor more details, you can see in here:

The mainstream chat apps above, and you can’t imagine how many of them accompany an application, like tinder, path, slack, Instagram, and many more! After Dewina thought deeply about everyone’s habit using more than one chat application, Dewina thought that every application has its function, based on where community they are.

And why a chat application has grown up and long last?

Did you know, facebook opened an API messenger for the developers. Which is you can add chat feature in your application using messenger. It looks that facebook really want to control all digital activities, after facebook connect that made it has been grown up and now they use messenger to keep connect their users. Then maybe you also asking, why does facebook buy whatsapp? What for? And how does whatsapp monetize their application? Because until now even there’s always a way to subscribe whatsapp payment, but people keep using whatsapp for free.

Then does chat apps feature only have the different in themes, sticker, and emoticon? Can chat apps feature give more advantage besides texting, sending file or video, etc?

Seeing the trend, chat apps has passed the evolution, like wechat. Chat application that used almost by the Chinese, has integrated all users’ activity in their app. From online shopping, order taxi, until using kinds of payment.

Facebook messenger? They develop Friend to Friend Payment where you can doing transaction by chatting between your friends. And also they develop facebook M! where this similar to chat virtual assistant by chatting. This chat application competition is like a king, and because you are the king, so you can do anything.

And not only from chat application, but third party developer who support chat application feature is more needed nowadays. One of the example is stripe for gateway payment and slash keyboard application for search engine that simplify for searching without open the browser!

You can imagine that the power of chat, that has the substitute function from the beginning, now become indefinite thing. And there are some application developer making chat without internet connection outside there. Without provider signal and free! One of them is Fire chat that become TIA JKT 2015 guest star last week.

Then, what other features that you haven’t thought and will be there in your chat application feature?