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Native Ads, Aligning Experiences

As time goes on, advertising reveals itself to personal level. If you were reading your favorite site, advertisers were trying to grab audience attention with a pop up or other display ad. Advertisers thought that the display ad would cause you stop what you were doing to look at it. The thing is interruptive display has become increasingly unpleasant for audiences. That’s why we should focus on user experience.

AdBlock Plus said the Ad Blockers have 198 million active users, while more than 38 million users are in Indonesia. Ad Blockers have become a standard part of browsing online, and indirectly clear monetary impact. This fact is showing us that consumers have the power to take ads down from their sight. Pop-ups and autoplaying ads probably cause “goodbye visitors”. Even when there is a question “What do you think is the best way to help support websites (to cover their costs)?”, 68% of respondents said “I’m fine with seeing ads but only if they are not annoying”. The important thing is, great digital ads give people clear choice: to play video, to close pop up, to click or to explore things further. When consumers feel like they could make choice to opt in, they’ll take the content of your ad more seriously.

ad-blocked3-ss-1920-800x450 (source: marketingland)

About Talking To Human

Ads talk to human, as their audience. They would prefer to talk on the same level, human to human. Ads should understand what is pleasant for audiences. The rise of new formats such as native, audio and advanced TV allows brands to reach consumers in ways that tie in seamlessly with what they’re already doing. These kind of ads have successfully improve the user’s experience rather than distracting it.


As we knew five years ago, the concept of “sponsored content” (Native Ads) was pretty strange to many advertisers or publishers. Native is directly related to how it enables marketers to deliver information into the user experience and they have the choice whether or not to engage with it. Audiences are over 50 percent more likely to pay attention to a native ad than a display ad. Considering native is more organic and less disruptive, it is more pleasant to consumers and effective for marketers. In fact, viewers often don’t notice the difference between a well-crafted native ad and a standard post or listing in the platform.

The Shifting

Digital media is shifting to a model where successful advertisers are those that deliver message in a way feels natural and organic to user experience. Advertisers understand much about audiences, know what they like and what they dislike, what comfort for them, etc. In this era of audience buying, we should developing platform that align to experiences, to weave the storytelling into the routines and activities their consumers participate in. (DC)

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