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May the ‘Native’ be with you

What pops into your head when you hear the line, “May the Force Be with You”? Whether you’re a geek or not, you will undoubtedly know the movie which this quotation comes from. A film originally produced in 1977 by George Lucas, Star Wars describes an adventure in a far off galaxy and is famed for its strong stories, costumes, characters and music.

On February 10th, 2016 FreakOut held a launch party that took Star Wars as its theme. The tagline of the event was also adapted from Star Wars: “May the Native Be with You”, as was the event’s atmosphere, with its huge, sci-fi style LED screen sitting centre stage. This was all highly appropriate, as FreakOut is a Global Technology Marketing company which concerns itself with the future of technology.

The event started with a welcoming introduction from Tomy Malewa, Country Business Development for FreakOut Indonesia. Tomy quoted the legendary Stephen Hawking’s famous phrase: “Look up at the stars, and not down at your feet. Be curious…” because to be curious is a part of FreakOut’s culture. Tomy also outlined the various out topics which were about to be presented to the audience, including the current state of play in the world of digital advertising, the challenges faced by advertisers and publishers alike, and the best solutions for the current digital-advertising challenges.



The event then continued with a speech from Group CEO for FreakOut Inc., Yuzuro Honda.  Honda announced the exciting news of an official cooperation agreement between FreakOut and LINE. This will mean that in FreakOut products, Hike will be the only advertising platform that will be used within LINE. Advertisers now have access to LINE inventories and audience data with FreakOut.  As the fourth largest LINE user after Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, Indonesia will have a positive impact on the market, according to Honda. Yuzuro Honda then delivered an overview of why FreakOut chose Indonesia and what has been achieved this far.


Moving on to the next presenter, Sihkami Denting, currently working as Supply Partner Manager for FreakOut Indonesia, made a short presentation about so-called Native Ads and today’s challenges from a publisher’s perspective. Here Sihkami stressed the importance of the User Experience and how to balance publisher profitability with a decent user experience. With her close relationship with Indonesian publishers, Sihkami understands that publishers must meet their audience’s needs and expectations and, at the same time, maximize their ad revenues. She also pointed out the ugly truth that in the world of advertising, audiences basically dislike ads. And this fact needs to be challenged in order that a better advertising ecosystem can manifest itself. During her presentation, Sihkami mentioned some of the main online-advertising challenges.



Ad Blindness refers to the fact that users unconsciously train themselves to ignore ads. And with CTR benchmarks for banner ads decreasing each year over the last couple of years, Ad Blindness has become a huge problem that needs to be addressed. The negative perception of online ads means that people ignore them and seldom click on ads. Even on Mobile sites, 50% of ad clicks are accidental. Poor User Experience is another challenge that needs to be overcome. And finally, with the rise of ad blockers, big media who rely on ads as their main source of revenue, find themselves faced with the total collapse of their business model.


Dian Sarita, General Manager of FreakOut Indonesia, presented a number of video clips which showed people being asked questions about online advertisements. The people surveyed in the clips offered honest and realistic opinions about how often, if ever, they clicked on ads and what kind of ads they considered acceptable. Ads were basically seen as annoying by those questioned in the clips and something that they tried to avoid. And we can compare, from Publisher & Advertiser side, native ads more


Finally, Tomohiro Yasukura, CEO of FreakOut Indonesia, offered the audience a Native Ads Study Case in Japan. Yasukura explained how native ads were capable of promoting brands through digital marketing in a better and smarter way and how native ads could help publishers earn more revenue through their online advertising. Yasukura also explained how FreakOut, as a Native Ads Platform available in Indonesia, offered the opportunity for publishers and advertisers to work together to create a better and healthier advertising ecosystem for publishers, advertisers, and users.


On this pic, we can see & compare performance Between Banner Ads & Native ads especially at smartphone media from Publisher / Advertiser side. From Publisher side, mobile native ads give you higher value than mobile banner. And for advertiser, native ads give you more benefit like high CTR, Low Bounchrate and highest to drive unique users. The last but not least, your ads content more user friendly.


Ultimately, this three-hour event explained our use of the phrase “May the Native Be with You” as our tagline. This tagline means that FreakOut wants to invite all players in the world of Digital Advertising to change their advertising approach from “Force” to “Native”.

So…May the Native Be With You!