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Marketing Approach to Millennials

Millennials Habit in Indonesia


Millennial users are most actively use their device on weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). In general, Indonesian internet user are most likely using their device to connect with others and seeking pleasure in leisure.

Accessing social media become number one activity for Indonesian internet user. Besides that, they also actively use their device to chat and making phone call. Moreover, they also use their device for playing game and listening music as a form of seeking digital pleasure. However, the specific habitual pattern of activities on device show little difference among respondents in different age groups.

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 Millennials and Brand


Talking about millennials, marketers assume Millennials as the most influential generation. Millennials bring innovations, ideas and something different from older generations. As marketer, it’s time to rethink your approach in targeting this millennial group of audience. For example, 36% of Millennials are more likely to consider themselves much more affluent than their equivalents in older generations. They are also extremely passionate about the environment – 78% agree that they do everything they can to help the environment.

One of the habit of Millennials is they have higher expectations of brands, with 82% preferring brands that give something back to society. Also, millennials are more emotionally attached to brands with 70% agreeing that their favourite brands play an integral role in their life, while 36% agree that they are defined by the brands they purchase.


How to engage with Millennials?


 Smartphones and internet are very close and useful for millennials to gain some informations and make a conversation quicker to make decision. When we talk about Millennials, of course we should pay attention on their uniqueness, so we can implement it to approach customers. The key is about “STAY CONNECTED AND ENGAGED”. But how could marketing engage with millennials?

  1. Engaging Contents


Having engaging content is so important to influence the purchasing decisions of millennials, your company must use it effectively to gain the attention of millennial decision makers. Product demos and customer stories are the most effective types of content to create. Millennials like authenticity and education over being marketed to.

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  1. Online Communities


Millennials purchase decisions are greatly influenced by their community, family and friends — and social media is where the communication of experiences with companies tend to take place. As personal experiences and information is being exchanged, your company should not be left clueless as to what is being said due to not being present on these social media channels.

  1. Product Training


Millennials like being engaged and involved with the company they are purchasing from. They want hands on learning when they are in the research phase of a purchase. Millennial buyers want to be as educated as possible, and they love it when a company provides training that furthers their education of the product after they make a purchase.  (DC)


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