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Know About Growth Hacking Tactics

Do you know the terminology of Growth Hacking? This term is actually well-known by lot of marketers. Growth Hacking is advised for them who just start their business (usually startup), to make better move.

Growth hacking is based on three aspect: data, analytic and statistic. Growth Hacking also combines Creative Marketing, Data Analytics and Testing, and also Software Engineering. Growth hacks also can make your products attractive and enable you to reach a broad range of audience.

More the number of people hearing about your firm more are the chances of them getting converted into your customers. This is Growth Hacking. There is a bunch of tricks and advices which you can bundle up and use it as the Growth Hacking Tactics for your business.

1. Viral Acquisition

You can make certain feature on your product to enable user to share your value to other potential users such like social media. You can’t use all social media channel to engage with your users, but choose the right channel, based on your product value and user characteristics.

viral_main source: mobilejazz

2. Paid Acquisition

You can make paid system to enjoy certain feature, for example the premium version such like Google Adwords, even though we enjoy google search engine for free. Affiliated feature where certain users can attract other potential users through their website is also included in this Growth Hacking Technique, through widget or website plug-in for example.

3. Call Centers/Sales Teams

This team actually try to grab potential users by personal approach. This call center will reach the audience and try to engage the product with the need of the audience. Website chat also drives to a personal interaction that will help users to have their decision based on what we want.

callcenter source: internetleads

4. Content Marketing

Growth hackers make various articles and postings, infographics, viral videos to push brand awareness and website traffic. Growth Hacks turn visitor to buyers. Growth Hacker will make any relevant content so they can be closer to what users want.

5. Email Marketing

To keep connect with the users, growth hacker will send email periodically to the audience. This is one of important techniques to reach audience personally, of course with relevant content.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

emailmarketing4 source: gevme

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not like the SEO Theory which ask you to be focus on 5-10 keywords, a good Growth Hacker should be able to reach more users by more keywords, even though they have to make more and more articles.

7. A/B Testing

You can’t guess what users want. This is how A/B Testing is urgently needed. You should make A/B sample to be tested, and you can analyze which convert visitors into customers better. Call-To-Action and subscriber feature are two important things to help us analyze.