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Game Prime Surabaya: Event Review

One of biggest Game Dev Event in Indonesia held on October 22nd, 2016 Surabaya, named Game Prime Surabaya. This event located in Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya and attended by more than 600 people, consisted of Game Developers, Game Publishers, Media, and Gaming Enthusiast, and as well as PENS’s students.


Game Prime Surabaya presented the best speakers in Indonesia Game Industry, such as Adhicipta Wirawan (Mechanimotion), Andre Dubari (Manikmaya Games), Timothy Istianto (Monash Rush), Jonathan Manuel Gunawan (Toge Productions), Eka Pramudita (Mojiken Studio), Dennis Adriansyah (Amagine Interactive), Boby Mahendra (FreakOut Indonesia) and many more. The speakers talked about gaming industry direction and how they can collaborate each other to reach success. Apps developers also shared their knowledge in Mobile games market and how games can be a tool for education. One of the speakers, Boby Mahendra (FreakOut Indonesia) shared from Adnetwork perspective on how to monetize mobile games without disturbing our users.




Game Prime in Surabaya,  supported by Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia, was an indicator of how big is Indonesian game market and  how it supported by the Indonesian government. Even though the event was held in Surabaya, the enthusiasm of the audience was huge. Gamers were excited to try some of the games that displayed in the event booths. Some of the games were brought by Gameloft, Toge Productions, Game Dev Bali and Game Dev Malang.

At the Game Prime Surabaya, FreakOut dewina Indonesia aimed to help game developers to help them unlock extra revenue and monetize their apps inventory. FreakOut explained to developers the uniqueness  of Native Ad and how to implement them to their apps. Boby quoted, “To survive in game market, app developers should not compromise UX and UI of their apps and create seamless ads without disturbing gamers”




Game Prime Surabaya helped all industry players in the industry figured out the growth of Game Industry in Indonesia. FreakOut dewina Indonesia as a Global Marketing technology company from Japan who focused on Mobile Native Ad-Network wants to be part of this growth. FreakOut dewina Indonesia has mission to create Ad ecosystem that fair for publishers, advertisers and users with a unique ad format that blended with content. FreakOut also supported latest game dev events and built a good relationship with game publishers and developers. Boby introduced how native ad won’t disturb users compare to the traditional  banner ad, by displaying the mockup of Native Ad in game apps. FreakOut committed to support next activities of the game industry in Indonesia. May The Native Be With Developers!


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