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#EventReview from Tech In Asia Jakarta 2015

Last week, Dewina attended 2 days of Techinasia Conference 2015.

Dewina mentioned this event as the biggest technology conference which support startup environment in Indonesia. Dewina has no rights to claim it as an SEA event, even TechinAsia is in several countries.


It took place in Balai Kartini, there were some categories for the visitors. There were startup, investor, student, & general category. Imagine that all of the categories stay in one place for two days.

There were few things that made Dewina amaze with TIAJKT2015, the event was going so well-prepared, seeing from some stage performers sticked to the schedule.

In the first day, there were two special stages, besides main stage, which was developer stage & marketing stage. Each of stage had its expert. For developer stage, Dewina saw delegate from Jackie Chang Product Partnership Manager for In marketing stage, there was Roy Simangunsong as a Country Head of Twitter Indonesia.


And in the second day, there were also two special stages, besides main stage, which was Fintech stage & Mobile stage. For the Mobile stage, Dewina amazed with Open Garden’s presentation discussed about their product Fire Chat, because it could support you doing chat without Internet connection. Cool, isn’t it?

And one of the expert who gave Dewina insight when the topic was about the future of mobile commerce in Indonesia. It because of some Freakout’s Indonesia clients still dominated by e-commerce, so that Dewina had curious about the future of it. Dewina got insight from one of the expert, Mr. Joseph Aditya as CEO of It focused on industry tools with B2B market. But Mr.Joseph gave unique insight and Dewina agreed with it. Most of the traffic contributed by mobile view. But Joseph recognized that the mobile view had an effect to their business development. The usual thing happened that users come from mobile just to review the interest product and learn more. Then they intended not to buy it by mobile device, they purchased by desktop or call it directly, or maybe went to shop to buy the reviewed product. Interested insight, isn’t it? 


Almost all publishers & advertisers always said like that. For publishers, most of their page view contributed by mobile device, but their revenue still from the desktop. Same like the advertiser, almost all ecommerces said about 70% of their page view has contributed by mobile device. But what happened then? Purchased still on the desktop.


Although in the main stage and the two stages differs every day, “event” out of the stage same crowded as it. There was one space where every visitors or startup can do speed dating with the investors. What really interested from this event that there was startup alley booth, where the startups could open their mini booth. They showed-up their product and service to the visitors. This could be a chance to get new users or pitch with the investors.


which makes this event even more memorable again two nights in a row there crawl night session, where each participant can gather in a place for networking in a relaxed manner while holding a glass of drink ofcourse :)) . Dewina really enjoyed to get the networking with the visitors everyday & every moment, so that forgot with the main job to review this event.

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For the next post, hopefully Dewina has opportunity to review one of TIAJKT2015 startup attendee. Who is it? Stay tuned!