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#EventReview How to raise & manage money for StartUp from DailySocial event.

This time dewina want to share information about the startup and technology in Indonesia. Through an event held by Dailysocial in Jakarta and sponsored by MDI Ventures is venture capital auspices of PT. Telkom Indonesia are active to socialize on startup and also become an Investor.

Studying the event titled “Smart” Money and Strategies to Get and use it became one of the regular events are often organized by Dailysocial. In this event a lot to discuss about, how a startup can get funding and purpose of the funding is to how to use the proceeds wisely.

The speaker was familiar, they are people who are involved in the startup, one of which is the VP of Business Development Ideasource – Andrias Ekoyono, Nicko Widjaja – MDI Ventures and CMO of Telunjuk Hanindia Narendrata. The event was opened with a speech from the Indigo as one of the sponsors for this event and announced to those who are interested in the startup, Indigo were open the registration for the second batch, and forwarded a presentation by one of the graduates indigo incubator, Goers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.12.25 PMEvent were continues into the core event to discuss the startup and technology that conduct by Rama Mamuaya of Dailysocial, discussions looks getting warm and interesting, all the adviser and participator seemed very enthusiastic and enjoyed the discussions that time, and the most dewina remember is when Andrias of Ideasource said that the purpose of funding for the startup is “buying momentum to accelerate momentum” and the most importantly is after receiving startup funding should plan an expectation as a short-term and long-term plan.

For the short term plan are how to get funding and how to provide long-term roadmap, but here the adviser recalled to the founders, sometimes the startup does not necessarily need the money, especially for those who are in the early startup. Because sometimes there are some of them who can open a VC startup in order to access and support so it can grow rapidly because of the support of connection with the VC.

Discussing continuing by a statement from the CMO namely Hanindia, here he explains that for the startup “Metric is Important”, because this is where the startup can see the actual needs of startup, because after a startup find out their needs, it is also negotiating with potential investors so it can thrive more easily.

Nicko Widjaja of MDI Ventures said that one of dangers thing of startups is getting funding then “Immaturity with Money” in this case he describes that a startup with spendthrift characters and a startup with stingy characters both of them can be bad because the important thing to use funds is spending them wisely.


It was time for a Q&A session, the visitors who attended was enthusiastic to ask questions related to “how to get fund and how to determine them valueable”. And the advisers also help each other to answer any questions from participator and answer them base on their personal point of view.

The event was run shortly but feels enlightening for startup founders who were attend at that time, with this event they gain a new perspective from the perpetrators of digital business and technology, and the event was ended with social time between the adviser and founders they mingle each other and suddenly advisers were surrounded by newer founders, the most popular adviser that being approach is Andreas Ekoyuono and Nicko Widjaja of Ideasource and MDI Ventures. Perhaps one of them is being approached in order to invested by ideasource :p.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 4.22.22 PM

Well this are information that dewina want to share and we also can not wait to seeing one of them and interviewing more deeply about this business, who`s gonna be ? we just wait until next week for updating. See you then..