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Event Review: Game Dev Jakarta Reborn

This is a good news for Game Developers in Jakarta, because Game Dev Jakarta has been reborn. Located in Lyto Game Headquarter (October 8th, 2016), more than 55 people gathered and committed to activate Game Dev Jakarta. This event was attended by game developers, game publishers, media and partners.


The game dev Jakarta: Reborn itself was voluntarily initiated by Yanu Ashari, Fadhil Noer and Boy Dozan, and fully supported by Indonesia Game Association, Lyto,, Toge Productions and Dicoding. It is also supported by FreakOut dewina Indonesia as the Native Advertisement Platform Ad-Network for mobile publisher.

Ricky for explained Indonesia is actually in a good situation of game environment and development. Indonesia Economy is fairly stable for last years. Middle Class is growing fast. Technology is somehow the thing that close to them. Smartphone is no longer an exclusive thing for them. This situation is good for game technology and industry. More people install games in their smartphone. Game Industry and its community are actually growing, for example Game Developer Gathering (GDG) was attended by more than 1.700 participants in 4 cities. For the users, more than 80% use android smartphone while the rests use iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, etc.


Foreign media such as Newzoo also wrote positive article about Indonesia. The growth of smartphone user is predicted will be the biggest number in South East Asia. This prediction is also supported by the improvement of economy growth, and the game industry components inside.

Government, especially Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia (BEKRAF), has started to support game industry in Indonesia. Game Prime, the event that is supported by BEKRAF, provide more than 100 booth for local game developers and publishers and also tickets for participants.

If Game Industry grows fast, more users play game, then how can we make the better future of this industry? Boby Mahendra from FreakOut dewina Indonesia, in this event, explained the way developers can achieve revenue from their game. This revenue is important for the developers to create more innovation and product development. One of the good ways to gain revenue is by applying Native Advertising in their game. This Native Advertising could be attached smoothly and naturally in the game, so it won’t annoy our users, unlike Pop-Ups or other Display Banners.


The Game Dev Jakarta Reborn itself is ended by committee establishment. More than a half of attendants register themselves to be part of the committee. It is symbolically a sign of our big step in Indonesia Game Industry.

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