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Creating Powerful Message in 60 Characters

If we talk about headlines, we know headlines are important because they are the initial attention-grabbers. Getting attention, of course, is the first step in completing the sale. Native Ad, one of the ad trend in Indonesia, has headline as one of the elements of the ad. Through this headline, Native Ad delivers a message to the audience, to trigger audience to visit the landing page. Persuasive words could deliver better traffic to the advertiser.

In native, 60 characters can deliver great impact to your brand. Because the native ad is placed in relevant publishers, that’s why Native Advertising could actually grab relevant audience as the purpose of the campaign. These 60 characters deliver a powerful message to the audience, and if you are wondering why you should see these points:

Simple and Direct

Making 60 characters should be direct and simple. For example, “This Is The App You Should Have in Your Smartphone”, it will make your communication simpler than “Using The 8App In Your Smartphone Is Good Because We Offer You Perfect Filter For Your Photos”. Regardless of explaining too long in the headline, you should make it simple and attract the audience.

Represent The Content

A headline should represent the content that you want to deliver to your audience. If you want to sell something, your headline should represent about that selling. Same case if you want your audience to fill the registration form, let people know. You should tell the people what you are going to say in the longer content/landing page.

Should Trigger High CTR

Your headline should be as attractive as you can make. Why? People will ignore your headline and the click doesn’t happen. It should trigger high click through rate, so your ad could be well-delivered. You may make the headline like “7 Spot You Must Visit in Australia Before You Die”. It will trigger better CTR than “Sydney Is The Place In Australia That Offers You Nice Landscape”.

Creating Curiosity

Let your audience be curious about your product. Curiosity is one of the critical levers successful content marketers use to sell products, services, and ideas in this increasingly noisy world. For example, “This Is The Best Way To Be Famous Artist Instantly!”, you can create the curiosity of the people, how to be artist instantly.

Creating Urgency

Ah, last important thing about powerful message by the headline is about creating urgency. By mentioning “Limited Stock” or “Grab It Fast” you give the choice to the audience, get it now or you may lose the chance. Trigger them to click right at the moment, faster you can, faster your product will be sold out.