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5 Tips to Maximize the Engagement in Mobile App

If we compare to the 5 years ago, making an application is easier nowadays. There are millions of apps available in both Google Play Store or App Store. In 2016, you could find more than 2 millions of apps. Creating an application is becoming more simple, a lot of app developers are required these days.

The challenge of an app is how to keep the users engaged for a long time. There are so many mobile apps in use these days but only a small number of them are used over and over again. Some users actually download it once and uninstall the app. For some reasons, the users never go back to use it again.

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Customer engagement with the app is the first thing you should think to make it useful. We believe success drives profitability. The step is not only when you can convince the users to download the app, but it doesn’t ensure you that the users will use the app. There are some fragile things in an app that can make users uninstall your app. For example, the design of the app, user interface, loading time, the size is too big or some other reasons. The most important thing is your mobile app should be useful to the users. These are 5 things you should apply to maximize the engagement of your app.

1. Simple but Perfect

An app should be simple, but deep. It means you don’t have to make it so complicated because it will confuse your users. Focus on your special product, and make it expert (design, UI, UX, etc). One mistake that many designers make is adding too many features to a design. This ends up hurting the capability of your app.


2. Be Active in Social Media

Social media is another way to push the engagement of your app. Why? Social media can be used to tell about your app more, even you can create a special campaign for your social media. You can also use social media to explain your feature or even update deeply.

3. Newbies Are Always Welcome

There are a lot of new potential customers that feel interested with your app. Greet them with a personal welcome note to create a direct connection. You have to use the most exciting welcoming messages and see how great it will be for your business. Welcoming message is the way you personally engage you, users.

4. Announce The Change You’ve Made Within App

Through the app, you can announce the change you’ve made to the users. Do it periodically, by analyzing the insight, getting the user wants and improving it. The constant thing doesn’t happen in the digital era, there is always a change of behavior and trend.

5. Give Your Users a Hassle Free Sign Up

The convenience of signing up is another factor of why people keep using. Some people hate the sign-up process when they should fill a long form to register. Make it easy, using Facebook or other social media platforms.

A good mobile app drives you to revenue. Do you have an app with a good download and traffic? This is how you can find your own revenue.