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5 Marketing Trends You Should Invest in 2017

As we know, content marketing is all about using distinctive content to reach a large number of customers at a time, which is considered an effective way to deliver important information to the target audience. It is quite essential to develop different ideas and strategies to be successful, in order to be attached to your audience.

Marketing is incomplete if it does not contain relevant content in order to meet our standards and goals, it is also an important factor for every newbie or small firm looking for consistent growth. The key is about how to be in line with the need/want of your audience.

Next year, content is still the king. We have to set some strategies to gain the right audience to accomplish our marketing mission. So these are the top content marketing trends in 2017 so you can plan your budget wisely.

Live Stream Video

People demand content that feels authentic and live video is the perfect solution to transform this idea. It is highly effective in engaging and converting customers. B2B Video Content Marketing Survey Results also stated 73 percent (of marketing professionals surveyed) confirm that video has brought positive impact to marketing results.

video_marketingsource: virtuallyhere

Now, as technology improves year over year, digital video has taken on many formats: webinars, testimonials, videos made specifically for Instagram, silent videos, 360-degree videos, and live video, to name just a few. This live video is predicted to be one of the future of marketing (

Native Advertising

If there’s one major shift in marketing that the media world has latched onto most in the past year, it might well be native advertising. Native advertising has been mentioned as better advertising method to grab the attention of the audience. Native ad doesn’t disrupt the user experience and offers helpful information in a format similar to the other content on the site.

Melanie Deziel, one of branded content consultant said “Native advertising allows brands to tap into the storytelling skills, tools, and experience of some of the best publishers in the media industry, and to use that quality content to connect with a new audience in the most authentic way possible. While it certainly shouldn’t replace other effective means of marketing and communicating with consumers, it should definitely be included in any diverse content strategy.”

We know the type of native ad worth investing in differs by the goals of advertisers and publishing channel they choose. (


We should change our strategy. Stop bragging, stop promising and let’s tell story to our audience. People actually were sick of being interrupted by ads and hearing the same product-oriented pitches from brands.

Splash Idea

source: iteo

The way to persuade the buyer is to get their attention with a story, and that is very difficult in this day and age of distraction. Story is the most effective way to get attention because what attracts human attention is change.


Some people may underestimate the newsletter, but nowadays newsletter has become the essential thing in companies’ marketing strategies. Campaign Monitor’s CMO, Kraig Swensrud, said earlier this year in a press release that newsletters are one of Buzzfeed’s top five traffic drivers.

Good newsletters need to look great in every inbox and on every device, the content should be relevant to the recipient and always include a compelling call-to-action that drives further engagement or action.

For B2C companies, every business should have email marketing and automation technology that effortlessly syncs with e-commerce systems, which will show you exactly how much revenue every message drives.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a media hype in the past year, as widely covered marketing tool. VR, itself, is not the fully formed marketing strategy and amplification tool, if we compare it to social media or email. For example if we are marketing to millennials or generation Z, they would prefer experiential marketing.

random42-oculus-gearvr-headsetsource: random42

72% of millennials study by Harris Group would like to spend more on experiences rather than physical things. Virtual reality is often called ‘the empathy machine‘ because it lets your customers experience your brand, rather than just listening to you talk about it. As marketers, we no longer have to talk ‘at’ our customers, hoping we can figure out how to yell louder than everyone else. (DC)