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4 Key Trends in E-Commerce for 2017 You Should Know

Based on the prediction, 40% of South East Asia Income in E-Commerce will be dominated by Indonesia. The increasing of middle class’s income and the growth of smartphone and internet user are the factors. Indonesia nowadays becomes the biggest online market in South East Asia.

E-commerce becomes the highest funding value in the second quarter of 2016, based on Tech In Asia Indonesia data. From the funding value itself, Indonesia is in the second place in South East Asia, after Singapore. E-commerce has been an important issue for Indonesia Digital Marketing in Indonesia.

E-Commerce has been a rising trend in the retail industry since the internet was born. It is like whole enterprises are dedicated to selling online. So what are the key trends of E-Commerce in 2017?

1. Mobile

Mobile E-Commerce revenues will continue to increase into 2017. This data is also supported by the growth of smartphone. Everybody is mobile now and when they want to buy something, they will go to E-Commerce.

ecommerce-mobile-tablet-ss-1920source: marketingland

2. Same Day Delivery

Will you wait for the thing you buy? Consumers won’t wait. Next year, consumers will be more likely to shop if same-day delivery is offered. Don’t miss this upcoming trend because your customers will go elsewhere.

delivery-keyboard-buttonsource: grandjunctioninc

3. Dynamic Pricing

E-Commerce in 2017 will be more complex with the price algorithms. This kind of algorithms allows business to react to market changes instantaneously. In the special day for example, or decreasing prices to boost lagging sales, or increasing the price when competitors’ stock is low. This is the competition of e-commerce.

4. Personalized Customer Engagement

You should know your customers well, such as, what your buyers want, often before they do and delivering it to them. It is called personalized customer engagement. You should know what his/her hobby is, the usual thing he/she looks for, etc. Technology nowadays can make you search anything about your customers. (DC)

best_practices_to_build_e-commerce_website_on_mobile-1source: woorockets